Our SKYDOG is based on the beloved Fender Tweed Champ 5 watt amplifier from the 1950s.

These amplifiers were perfect for recording and were featured on a wide variety of recordings, from Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way” to Derek & the Dominos’ ‘Layla.’

And it was because of the Layla album that we named SKYDOG after the sensational guitarist DUANNE ALLMAN who used a tweed Champ to record this historic album along with ERIC CLAPTON.

It’s a Class A 6V6 circuit, this amp has a harmonically rich tone and wonderful low volume crunch.

A Volume Knob is what you find on your panel and its valves are, a 6V6 power valve, a 12ax7 preamplifier and a 5Y3 rectifier valve, our oil capacitors plus your 8 “speaker make this little tweed sound even better!

Watch it!