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The MG Woman Tone Capacitors are handmade one at a time for that perfect tone. These are special musical capacitors designed specifically for guitars and amplifiers to give a lush and creamy top end with lots of clarity.

Aluminum foil plates, oil dielectric. One of the best sounding audio signal capacitors ever made; smooth, natural and harmonically delightful.

Superb performance in guitar tone control circuits, tube guitar amplifiers, tube hifi amplifiers and tube studio equipment.

Hermitically sealed aluminum tube casing.

MG Woman Tone Capacitors are available at Vintage Correct Specs the authentic values of many classics in guitar tone circuits and tube amplification.

• Built with a mineral oil dielectric in a hermetically sealed case
• 20 AWG pre-tinned leads
• Perfect size to fit guitars and bases
• Very accurate +/-10% tolerance
• Sold individually

In STOCK. 022/600v, .047/600v, .015/600v, .033/600v, .01/600v, .1/600v

Different capacitors values and voltage, PLEASE CALL!

Additional information

Weight 0,015 kg
Dimensions 1 × 6,5 × 1 cm

.001 X 600V, .0022 X 600V, .0033 X 600V, .0047 X 600V, .01 X 600V, .022 X 600V, .033 X 600V, .047 X 600V, .1 X 600V


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