Our History

I could start this text by saying that MG amps and pedals are made with the best raw material available on the market today both what is being produced today but also the rare raw material (us) that has not been produced for years.

But I won’t go!

What I would like to witness here is that it all started when over thirty years ago I first heard albums like John Mayall & BluesBrakers with Eric Clapton, Stones Exile on Main Street, Hendrix’s Band Of Gypsies that caught me first was The guitar tone on these records, pure soul, was like you felt the guitar being amplified naturally.

A true sound!

Our amplifiers follow this philosophy, this is the real reason we don’t like to put reverb inside the circuit, we make them as pure as possible.


Obviously fitting the need of the musician is a priority too, we make the amplifiers thinking first of you. The same applies to the line of our guitar and bass pedals, influenced me the psychedelic sound of 60’s California bands with that noisy but also quite musical Fuzz…. or that sophisticated yet weird Univibes sound that Hendrix used, Floyd’s David Gilmour’s analog delay, and Funkadelic’s Eddie Hazel to us became our Delay analogy “That’s echo Folks”.

We do custom work where you can feel it was made especially for you.

We attach great importance to the look and packing of each amp and pedal, we do it with a humor and spirit that we may be missing today in our lives… .. the pedal arts are also a tribute to the products that made time in the 60s / 70s.

May these sounds be an inspiration to us all!