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ZZTOP, Neil Young, 12w, compact.

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Our MG LA GRANGE is a perfect replica of the legendary FENDER TWEED DELUXE 5e3 that has been immortalized by Neil Young, Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh and other spectacular guitarists.

Here is a bit of the history of this anthological amplifier:

Deluxe is Fender’s original amplifier – the Model 26 ‘Woody’ Deluxe dates back to 1946, however, it’s the tweed-covered versions made between 1948-60 that have become the most coveted. As with many Fender amplifiers, the Deluxe circuit has undergone several changes before reaching the legendary narrow panel version 5e3.

A pair of cathode-biased 6V6 output valves without negative feedback gave the Deluxe a complex and highly responsive overdrive when pressed hard, with a nervous bite that breaks down into a rich, smooth sustain.

Deluxe has a simple control panel, with two pairs of inputs feeding a microphone and instrument channel, with separate volume controls and a single shared tone control.

A compact cabinet and a single Jensen P12R made the Deluxe easy to carry and reached many bandstand, playing all kinds of music, from blues to western swing. It is a peculiarity of the Deluxe circuit that the three controls interact with each other all the time, even if only one input is in use.

Over the years, the ability of a rich overdrive at a moderate volume has made it a perfect recording tool; some of the best guitar tracks in the world have been recorded with her, from Larry Carlton on Steely Dan’s Royal Scam album to Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh and Neil Young, so it’s no surprise that Deluxe tweed is considered one of the most influential amplifiers.

The 5E3 Deluxe uses a 12AY7 and half a 12AX7 on its preamplifier to drive a pair of cathode bias 6V6 power valves. A 5Y3 rectifier valve provides the DC volts, producing a total power of about 12 watts. Originally designed for use in car radios, the 6V6 is a power valve that is generally considered a mini 6L6.
Both valves have history as they were first introduced in 1936.

The control panel

The tweed Deluxe chrome control panel and chicken head knobs are part of one of the most copied amp styles ever.

Two pairs of High and Low input gain Jacks feed an Instrument channel and a flatter Response Microphone channel, with separate volume controls and a shared tone control.

Despite the simple layout, there is a wide range of tones to suit most guitars.

Watch it!

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 52 × 28 × 45 cm

Celestion Alnico Blue, Jensen Alnico, MG Black Dog Ceramica


Tweed, Azul, Branco, Cinza, Creme, Laranja, Marrom, Preto, Roxo, Verde, Vermelho

1 review for La Grange

  1. Lucas

    Amplificador simples e muito bom, para quem quer um amp para Rock. Basta ligar um booster e ele já da o crunch desejado mesmo com volume em 2. Recomendo.

    • Marcelo Giangrande

      Boa Lucas ! esse é o espirito! plug n play !

      esse amp foi criado em 1957, mas acho que só nos anos 70 descobriram o veneno dele! que Deus abençoe LEO FENDER !


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