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Our version of the Marshall Plexi with two stages of gain, send and return and bass attenuator.

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After nearly 20 years selling replicas of Fender, Marshall and Vox amplifiers, it’s time for MG MUSIC to have its own sound, its trademark amplifier.

The amplifier itself, with its own face and pulsating body.

Teenage Wasteland is a 50w or 100W amplifier, with two or four EL34 power valves, you can also choose the case in the form of combo or head and cabinet, the cabinet it can be filled with 4 × 12’s , 4 × 10’s ”or 2 × 12’s ”.

The classic sounds of a Vintage Marshall Super Lead used by THE WHO, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Clapton in the Cream era , Van Halen ,SlaSH , Ritchie Blackmore among others are here in our MG TEENAGE WASTELAND but only with a lot more versatility.

It is its own circuit, with two inputs – MODERN and VINTAGE and also with two stages – CLEAN and OVERDRIVE .

Accompany a footswitch to exchange these stages!

The CLEAN stage is perfect for high volumes and those who like effects, delay, modulations.

Great for pedal-freak like Gilmour and Cia who need a stage with enough HEADROOM for delays, reverbs and other modulations to sound perfectly.

The OVERDRIVE stage is for those who like a lot of body and a gain with a lot of sustain but still maintaining their vintage characteristics.

It has exactly the same tone and vibe of the CLEAN STAGE , is an extension of 1st stage but with much MORE GAIN and SUSTAIN!

Teenage Wasteland has a 4-position switch on the front panel.

It is a bass attenuator with 4 different stages that works only in the OVERDRIVE stage, you find sounds that will “match” the guitar you are using.

Teenage Wastelands adjustments are BASS MIDS, TREBLE and PRESENCE, plus CLEAN volume, on the OVERDRIVE STAGE has VOLUME AND GAIN LEVEL.

Increasing GAIN and lowering VOLUME, the amplifier easily saturates, perfect for smaller shows, recordings, and for those who like raw, organic sounds.

And for those who are pedal freak, with modulations and the like, send – return (behind the amplifier) ​​puts the effects (delays, usually) after the pre, to saturate less and give more definition in the notes.

For those who do many shows and is economical, the combo option is a good choice, and for those who want something more stylish and classic, the head + cabinet option is ideal.

Either version, Teenage Wasteland comes with MG Black Dog Speakers, inspired by the famous 1960’s CELESTIONS ROLA.

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 69 × 27 × 30 cm

Azul, Branco, Cinza, Creme, Laranja, Marrom, Preto, Roxo, Verde, Vermelho


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