Midnight Rambler Overdrive

Everyone knows of our involvement with the guitar tones of Mick Taylor and Keith Richards of the Stones as a reference, both on the pedals we produce and especially on our amplifiers.

For a variety of reasons, but mostly because of their guitar tone’s fidelity to the acoustic guitar's own tone, as if you could plug the guitar straight into the wall socket and warm up its sound directly and make the most of its tonal qualities, and then just hit it. fire!

Without losing the essence.


You feel the tone of your guitar warming up as the Gain goes up, all harmonics there, bass and treble kept … but warmer.

We still have one more stage that you trigger via a footswitch when you want even more gain, again, without losing the soul of the original timbre!

Midnight Rambler uses a very special integrated circuit, used on some very sophisticated high end preamps that we prefer to keep his name a secret and he is the icing on the cake!

Midnight Rambler Overdrive is a tribute (as cheesy as that word may sound) to THE GREATEST ROCK and ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD!

The Rolling Stones!

True bypass
• Alpha potentiometers
• Switchcraft Jacks
• Hammond style cabinet

Watch it!