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A ticket to paradise!

This tool will illuminate your musical ideas at a point, that you get to wonder that the sound coming out of the amplifier, is you who are producing.

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The FD-1 Analog Pedalboard is an innovative “on the fly” rig perfect for any guitarist.  The FD-1 Analog Pedalboard is a combination of some of the best and most popular MG Music pedals.  Selectively placed to give any guitarist the perfect self contained pegboard setup.  This one of a kind rig contains the MG Lexotone Octafuzz, MG Creamy Overdrive, MG Monovibe Chorus/Vibrato and MG Thats Echo Folks with Pigstail Analog Delay, all interconnected to reduce signal loss.  There is a master standby to control the power to the FD-1 along with a True Bypass switch for using an external tuner.

The FD-1 Analog Pedalboard comes with a tolex “30’s Bluesman Suitcase” lined with a plush interior to protect the pedalboard. It includes compartments for storage for tuners, cable, strings and much more.  It is the prefect case to carrying the FD-1 Analog Pedalboard. The FD-1 is powered with a 9v power source.

The FD-1 Analog Pedal board reduces the need for multiple pedals with separating patch cables, resulting in a quitter more compact “on the go” rig.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 61 × 38 × 12 cm


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