The Drive

Imagine you can have a T.S 9 that reaches volume 15!

That’s right, a Tube Screamer that keeps the  warm tones

of the valves but goes way beyond volume 10 and still adds a very musical sustain.

It can not be better!


Volume: Controls the volume of pedal output.

Tone: Adds and mitigates bass and treble!

Gain – Saturation, Just that!


Light: For humbuckers

Diet: For Guitars with High Gain Pickups

Classic: Single Coils

PREFERRED ADJUSTMENTS It is very difficult to choose one just because it is an extremely practical and dynamic pedal, but a classic one would be the mini toggle key on CLASSIC or VOLUME at “4 hours” and Tone at “3 hours” and Gain at “5 hours”!

– true bypass
– Alpha Potentiometers
– Special Capacitors
– Switchcraft Jacks
– Hammond style cabinet

All of this packaged in a box lined with special art!

Watch it!