Stray Cat Blues

MG’s Tweed Twin High Power  Amp  is a faithful recreation of what many consider the holy grail of guitar amps.  Ringing in at 80 Watts of glorious tube power, our TTHP delivers the famous tones produced by timeless artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan,Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards.

This amp is ready for the main stage and fits into any mix perfectly without being too harsh or too muddy.  Pair this Twin with a Stratocaster to mimic that rocking Buddy Holly or Tommy Allsup sound without feeding back.

Leo Fender took the tone stack from the beloved 5F6-A Bassman and dropped it into this high-powered tone monster.  Using the same selection high-quality small components as all of MG ’s amps, this particular circuit calls for a quad of 6L6GC power tubes that keep the amp cleaner at higher volumes and reproduces every part of the sonic spectrum appropriately.  Two Jensen C12N 50 Watt speakers give the amp a smooth and straight-forward tone with high frequency chime.

Unlike its lower powered counterpart, the TTHP has a middle control for further contouring; this makes the amp’s global controls presence, middle, bass, and treble. There are two channels, bright and normal, and each has two inputs. The normal channel is more tame with a slightly warmer overall sound, while the bright channel has a more aggressive sound and breaks up slightly faster. These inputs can not only be used in a traditional fashion but can also be ‘jumpered’ together and blended, via their dedicated volume controls, for even more sound options.

We offer a completely hand-wired Tweed Twin High Power style amp assembled by our expert builders right here at Mojotone headquarters.  Our in-house technicians have an extreme attention to detail and take great pride in their work — our builds are 100% guaranteed.

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