LUNATIQUE is our tribute to SYD BARRETT, one of the most creative and original rock musicians!

Nothing more, nothing less than the thinking head and founder of the band Pink Floyd.

A genius!

The LUNATIQUE from the circuit, a variation of a classic English 60’s VOX AC15 amplifier, to its design reminiscent of a 50’s Valve TV was inspired by Mr Barrett’s irreverence, creativity and genius!

The LUNATIQUE with its 15 watts of power uses two EL84 power valves and three ECC83s valves in pre-amplification section – it is a pure British sound, brighter but never cold or sterile due to the valve rectification made by the EZ81 valve used by our amplifier. .

The speaker chosen was our 60w MG BLACK DOG to complete the British vibe.

It has a soft, pleasant tone at lower volumes and saturates very well when you turn up the amplifier volume.

Panel Controls

Enjoy the balanced sound and ease of use of Normal Channel (HIGH and LOW inputs with single volume control) or switch to TOP BOOST CHANNEL for a slightly more aggressive sound by adding tone controls (HIGH and LOW inputs with volume, treble and bass).

The amplifier also has a “TOP CUT” control that works on both channels adding an even wider range of tones.

The LUNATIQUE circuit assembly is “Point to Point”, as are all of our MGMUSIC amplifiers and the wonderful 60’s VOX AC 15’s.

We are absolutely sure SYD BARRETT would be honored to have your name stamped on our LUNATIQUE!

Watch it!