Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland album was our main influence on this pedal, we wanted our fuzz to be as close as possible to the fuzz that Hendrix used and we came very close!

Fuzzyland is a positive ground fuzz with a married pair of “good and old” high gain American Germaniums, Volume and Gain is all you need and if you turn down the volume knob on your guitar you will find a lot more tones.

We put in an AC adapter but we are sure the pedal will sound more natural with a 9 volt carbon battery to get that original tone, considering that at the time the pedal was made there were no alkaline batteries and no adapters.

True bypass:
• Alpha potentiometers
• MG Oil Capacitors
• Switchcraft jack
• Hammond style cabinet

All of this packaged in a box lined with special art!

Watch it!